We need more naive ambition

Think bigger and bolder on your next marketing project.

5 months ago

Image by Armand Khoury from Unsplash.

To be naive is to lack experience or wisdom. A quality generally viewed with a negative lens. And not a character trait desired in the marketing world.

Starry-eyed optimism by itself doesn’t translate to value. But when paired with drive and strong execution, it can be a dynamic force.

Marketers often are tasked with moving mountains. Ensuring the right mindset becomes crucial when facing a stretch or growth initiative.

As we drift towards the safe strategy, unconsciously or because of routine, take a moment to reflect and shift your mindset. Ask yourself, “are you challenging the status-quo or just trying to keep pace?”

The marketing landscape has become more complicated. But finding solutions to problems has never been more accessible. It’s often just a simple step into the unknown.

The mentality itself can seem naive, but it translates into tangible results. For inspiration, here are some great examples of marketers thinking bigger and bolder.

Apple’s “1984” Super Bowl commercial.

A skeptical Board of Directors almost canceled the Ridley Scott directed commercial before becoming a cultural phenomenon. The Macintosh personal computer isn’t shown, but the social and business impact forever changed the company.

Wealthsimple’s unscripted “Investing for Humans” campaign.

When taking on the legacy of the financial industry, you need to be bold. Hundreds of real people interviewed unscripted to talk about the taboo subject of money. The result is a campaign that connects on an emotional and human level.

Spotify’s data-driven “2018 Goals” campaign.

Personal data is a sensitive subject for consumers. So when Spotify released its data-driven “2018 Goals” campaign, it was a risky endeavor. The outcome was an incredible individual story with illuminating insights. It earned media, lifted the brand, and created tangible business results.

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