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Why Wealthsimple has a winning marketing strategy

The right marketing strategies have a significant impact on business growth.

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Few finance companies can connect with Millenials as Wealthsimple has. The Canadian FinTech company now manages more than $6-billion in assets and has seen impressive growth since being founded in 2014. A big reason for the company’s success is their brilliant approach to marketing.

Here are three key reasons why their marketing is so effective.

Their investment in building a highly distinctive brand

CEO Michael Katchen explains that early on, there was a conscious decision to build a brand. And the company certainly hasn’t been afraid to invest in this forward-looking exercise.

The goal is to create a brand that people identify with and maybe even fall in love with. And the proof is in each Wealthsimple campaign, content piece, and digital touchpoint.

We have made the deliberate decision to invest in building a brand. – Michael Katchen

Creating a seamless experience between product and brand

Product and marketing departments often fall prey to the silo effect causing misalignment and ineffective communication. From the very beginning at Wealthsimple, the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer roles have been combined into one with Co-Founder Rudy Adler.

The big promises created in brand need to be delivered in the product building consumer trust. This creates one customer experience when interacting between brand and product.

Educating their audience in a delightful way

A winning content strategy needs to be relevant, consistent, and provide valuable insights for your audience. Wealthsimple does all three. Their compelling stories inspire, educate and focus on the human element opening the door to new customers and creating a sticky loyalty to the brand.

What can we expect next? Browse Wealthsimple’s digital magazine and website.

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