Why you should pay attention to Grammarly, Inc.

The best technology is simple, intuitive, and improves our lives. It’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.

4 months ago

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Our workplaces have shifted even more to an environment with more touchpoints in the digital world. The small downside is how easy it becomes to misinterpret without not-verbal queues. Our writing needs to be more compelling, consistent, and relevant as we communicate in countless new digital media.

For every problem, there is a solution. Say “hello” to the writing enhancement software market. In my opinion, Grammarly is the key player having closed a $90 million round of funding in 2019, skyrocketing the company’s value to over one billion (Lunden). Keep in mind that it has been almost profitable since the start of 2009.

You’ve more than likely seen one of their digital ads – they seem to be everywhere. It’s hard to miss the radiant green and cheerful millennials. The ads have helped in collecting over 20 million active daily users who want to improve their writing through artificial intelligence.

Image from grammarly.com.

From Grammarly’s advertising campaign, “Write the Future.”

For those who aren’t sure what writing enhancement software technology is. There is now AI-driven software to improve and strengthen our writing. We’re talking machine and deep learning, taking natural language processing to another level, far from the average spellcheck.

The traditional or purist writer might push back on being a user, but I’d argue that you’re missing out. The best technology is simple, intuitive, and improves our lives. It’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds. Here’s why I’m excited about the technology and specifically Grammarly.

The freemium pricing strategy

A freemium model offers the product or service for free, but additional features have a paywall. Grammarly finds the balance flawlessly with a powerful free version, but equally enticing paid subscription – few companies can do this successfully.

It’s a definite growth signal when your base features can attract users and provide an incredible experience. It’s an acknowledgment that the tool is rich in features today with even better prospects.

“The only way Grammarly makes money is through its subscriptions. We don’t sell or rent user data to third parties for any reason.”

Expanding the product through user experience

Wielding user data is a sensitive topic, but it can be powerful for the company and end-user when done ethically. Grammarly’s features like tone detector use AI and machine learning based on lots and lots of user examples (Grammarly Blog). The more data, the better the features and the product becomes.

AI is like raising children. They need to be exposed to the right education and training to be successful. Grammarly’s algorithms is based on vast troves of user data and huge massive databases of personal writing. This means the software is going to continue to improve exponentially.

Usability across multiple platforms

It doesn’t matter how useful your tool is; it’s all about ease of use. Grammarly’s funding is going towards growing the number of platforms it’s available on (think browsers and software). The ability to improve your writing without changing your digital habits is very convenient. The number of places we write to each other is regularly expanding, and Grammarly is all over this.

And “yes,” I unashamedly used Grammarly to revamp this article. Similarly, my writing has improved naturally using the tool, just like the algorithm powering the software is better with every use. I would encourage you to sign up for the free version and see why this technology is so powerful.

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